Guernsey | Candie Gardens

Queen Victoria in front of the Guernsey Museum

Above the financial district in St Peter Port are the 19th Century Candie Gardens. Once part of a private estate, the Gardens were bequeathed to the islanders and turned into a public park. The statue of Queen Victoria is diplomatically separated from a more flamboyant statue of her critic, Victor Hugo.

Victor Hugo

The statue was gifted to Guernsey by the French government in thanks for the hospitality shown by the island to Hugo during his exile.

View over the port to neighbouring islands

We visited the Gardens around lunch time and were surprised by how empty they were. The dozen or so people we did see were all sitting on benches and each and everyone of them had their face glued to a screen.

Palm trees in Candie Gardens

Because the Gardens are on a hill, you can glimpse the homes and gardens of Guernsey’s wealthier residents. I like to make up stories about the people who live in such gorgeous homes …

The wealthier side of Guernsey

The Gardens are also home to the Guernsey Museum, which is devoted to the island’s archaeology, history and wildlife.

The gardens are free to enter and there’s a small fee for the museum.

6 thoughts on “Guernsey | Candie Gardens

  1. The wealthier people do have lovely sloping gardens & I like the clear balcony that the one has – oh the views. Your note about those in the park glued to screens – does that beauty now just seem mundane to them? Sad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was really quite astonishing that not one of them was looking up – it made me wonder why they’d bothered leaving their office …


  2. Glad to see the blue skies and sunshine for you! The white architecture is icing-sugar perfect amidst those tumbling gardens. I’m with you – such a shame that one can become immune to the beauty of it all …


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