The Governor’s Review | Royal Hospital Chelsea

Last week The Brainy One and I had the opportunity to attend the Governor’s Review at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. The Review is held two days before Founders Day, the highlight of the Royal Hospital’s calendar.

Me with In Pensioner Michael Paling

The event is not open to the public and we were thrilled to receive an unexpected invitation from Grandad Paddy‘s niece. We haven’t seen her since the tree planting, so it was lovely that she thought of us.

March past

The total number of years of service given to the Crown by the men and women on parade amounts to some 5 and a half thousand years. That’s quite a number.


Pensioners who are too unwell or frail can still be involved with the parade by lining the sides of Figure Court, but many insist on participating. Although the day was grey and overcast, the rain stayed away and only one Pensioner found the standing too much and had to be helped by the St John Ambulance volunteers.

The Hospital is open to the public throughout the year at no charge. Visitors can take in the beauty of the Wren Chapel or simply chat with a Pensioner over a cuppa in the coffee shop.

You may find this article of interest.

9 thoughts on “The Governor’s Review | Royal Hospital Chelsea

  1. I did indeed find that an interesting article. It’s such a noble tradition that they gather once again to march on parade in uniform. Charles II certainly displayed some wisdom in creating the Hospital. This side of the pond we could certainly learn a thing or two about how to treat our veterans!

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  2. How lovely that Paddy’s family were so kind as to invite you – you really were ‘adopted’ by them to be part of the family. Looks like a lovely afternoon.

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  3. I didn’t know about this, so I feel both informed and full of admiration. There are some things we do really well in this country, aren’t there. And how nice that you were invited after all your previous involvement and care – that feels just as it should be.

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