The 100 Day Project | Two Months In

Throughout May, I continued to crack on with The History Project and can now report that it is finally complete! I did enjoy the project, but it was in danger of becoming a chore.

The History Project

I’ve completed some more of the small album about London 2012. This has been about 75% full for a number of years and I wonder why I didn’t just finish it at the time. To be honest, it’s still not really holding my interest …

A slightly blurry Mum, circa late ’50s

But no matter, I’ve begun looking at the pocket page album I began for Mum and that’s holding my attention much more.

I missed one day in May and that was when I flew back from New York City (yes, I took stuff with me to work on while I was away). It’s not the end of the world, and I’ve discovered that it’s become routine for me to squeeze in 10 minutes after supper to work on this project.

4 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project | Two Months In

  1. Any progress on your projects I would think is a win. That photo of your Mum shows a strong family similarity between her & you. There also looks to be a treasure trove of old family photos, which I think would slow me down just looking through each one & remembering.

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  2. You can really see that you take after your mum from that photo. Looking through old photos is certainly a way to lose hours of your day! Lovely to reflect back on happy memories though.

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