Inspiration for Spring and Summer Salads Needed

Cobb salad

With the arrival of better weather, I’m encouraging salad to make a consistent appearance on our evening dinner plates. But what to do when The Boy Child only really likes the tomato and cucumber branches of the salad family tree (although he does eat a lot of them on a regular basis)?

Salads are currently are livened up with sliced apple, dried cranberries, mozzarella balls and a liberal scattering of soup pasta. The Brainy One and I also have a lot of rocket (arugula) and avocado in our salads.

So what I’m asking you is this: what constitutes a salad in your home? Leave me some tips and suggestions in the comments, please.

6 thoughts on “Inspiration for Spring and Summer Salads Needed

  1. Now that salad looks quite tasty. We tend to have a rotation of 3 salads & I really must find some new ones to wake up the taste buds. I make a (raw cold) broccoli salad all year, one that I have greatly modified from the original recipe, I use a honey mustard Vidalia onion dressing, rather than the traditional vinegar, mao dressing. In the summer I do make one pasta over & over again “Where’s Waldorf” from Loony Spoons cookbook. I need to go dig out some of my favourites to share with you. Then there’s the stand by, Chicken Cesar – easy to make without meat for me & add in for Mr Man.

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