Chihuly: Reflections on Nature | Kew Gardens

On a recent sunny morning, I hopped on a bus down to Kew Gardens to see Chihuly: Reflections on Nature.

Summer Sun

Dale Chihuly is an artist who works with glass and this exhibition brings together a selection of his work from the past 50 years. I’m not a huge fan of modern(ish) art, but set against the backdrop of Kew on a sunny day, the works on display are stunning.

Ethereal White Persian Pond

The piece suspended from the ceiling of the Temperate House is simply beautiful, although I was a little concerned about how it had been secured …

Persian Column
Persian Column in detail
Sapphire Star

The exhibition runs until 27 October.

5 thoughts on “Chihuly: Reflections on Nature | Kew Gardens

  1. In the setting of Kew garden those pieces are set to be glorious. Ethereal White Persian Pond almost looks natural. I think the Sapphire Star looks just like a Globe Thistle. You are most welcome for the card – it’s early arrival surprises me & restores my faith in the Canadian postal system. Last time I sent something to England it took 17 days!

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