New York City | The Traveler’s Notebook

I’m off on a solo trip shortly to my beloved New York City.

A mini book for a sizeable city

I’ve developed a fondness for the mini traveler’s notebook, as it’s forced me to look at design and sizing differently. The plan for this short trip is one page of journaling and one page of a photo or postcard or ephemera.

Ready for memories of the Big Apple

Given how fat it is when it’s empty, I can hardly wait to see its full level of chubbiness when I’ve filled it.

11 thoughts on “New York City | The Traveler’s Notebook

  1. It certainly won’t lie flat once you’ve filled it with all the amazing photos that you have been sharing on Instagram!
    Looking forward to a full debrief of your trip once jet lag has gone!

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  2. Have a great time!!! Last year I brought along a mini-journal on our trips & really enjoyed adding the journaling & bits & pieces of memorabilia along the way. Looking forward to hearing about the trip & seeing your pages.

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