The 100 Day Project | One Month In

Having chosen to use these 100 days of creativity to square away numerous unfinished projects, I’ve made a promising start. I haven’t missed a day, although one day found me adding a photo and embellishments at 10 pm.

On day 1, I knocked off a Project Life spread from when I took with The Boy Child and Mum to see friends in New York City in 2014. It was good to end the first day with a tick on the ‘To Complete’ list.

Fashion faux pas

On the remaining days I have continued to work on The History Project. It’s been a case of some days having the time to write a lot and on other days simply time to add a photo or an embellishment.

Writing about home

Because of the amount of work involved with The History Project, it’s looking unlikely I’ll be able to tick off all five outstanding projects as complete, but that in itself is something of a challenge.

5 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project | One Month In

  1. It’s a great start to finishing. I think a key to finishing is being organized, as you are. I have to follow your example & do one thing towards my crafty daily. I always feel better after spending even 10 minutes creating something.

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  2. It’s always best to tackle a large project in small chunks so a little bit every day is much better. You are now 100 chunks closer to completion!

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