OLW | Thrive and the Traveler’s Notebook

Two more spreads have been added … our trip to Devon and a trip we made in the Easter holidays.

Devon delight
Super Sywell

You might that these designs look familiar, and you’d be correct. I’m using just three or four different ones for this traveler’s notebook, so that when it’s finished, they will join a set of different photos into a cohesive design format. That’s the theory, anyway.

4 thoughts on “OLW | Thrive and the Traveler’s Notebook

  1. So many happy memories recorded in these books! I love that ‘par avion’ paper, it reminds me of the stickers I used to put on envelopes when writing to pen friends.

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  2. I like the idea of using just 1-2 layout schemes – it takes away the indecision of what photos, what way … also great use of the embellishments.

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