Marie Kondo-ing the Junk Drawer

Do you have one of those drawers, usually in the kitchen, that is, to put it plainly, full of cr*p? Mine is (was) the drawer directly under the microwave. A drawer full of things that didn’t have a home somewhere else.


Marie Kondo was called for. Half an hour later, I had three piles – keep in the drawer, donate or bin. The donate pile was by far the biggest.


Now I just need to work on The Brainy One casually dumping stuff in the drawer …

And should you be interested, things in the drawer included: around 50 loose elastic bands, a key to the Physics Department at Oxford University and money off vouchers for Legoland (expiry date April 2014).

7 thoughts on “Marie Kondo-ing the Junk Drawer

  1. We had a drawer very similar to that before I discovered MK! However, in the interests of full disclosure I should add that 5 months later, things have started to creep back in …

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  2. You got quite a clear out done. Oh yes, what’s that saying; you are preaching to the choir … Mr Man tidied our kitchen catch all drawer & it seems to be taking a lot of effort to keep the clutter away … I wonder what it is about clutter that is attractive to empty space?

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  3. Great job! We have one of those drawers that’s an ongoing chore to keep organized. I added drawer organizers to ours & that helps because each little bin contains a certain item … so theoretically we know to only put that type item there.

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