10 Things | Tilly

Dog tired …
  1. She has brought so much joy into our lives
  2. She’s not quite there with the house training
  3. She’s a very dainty eater (not like Max at all!)
  4. She has her own group of friends on the school run. I am ignored by strangers who say hello to her by name
  5. She’s not afraid to bark at a fox. She’s come face-to-face with two of them in recent weeks
  6. She sleeps on our bed (something that Max was never allowed to do)
  7. She loves to play in the park with her puppy pals
  8. She’s developing a beautifully fluffy coat, especially on the back of her neck
  9. She’s still too small for her ears
  10. She’s a Londoner through and through, as she doesn’t bat an eyelid when travelling on a bus or the Underground

6 thoughts on “10 Things | Tilly

  1. She is utterly gorgeous! I don’t agree with pets sleeping on beds generally but I could not order her off. She would rule me, I fear! Adorable!


  2. Oh that sweet little face. Our fur children … I 100% agree to the joy they bring. My fur girls have the run of 99% the house & that includes the bed. I find that I know more of the dog’s names than I do the upright companions in our neighbourhood – those not strangers to us 🙂

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