Cinematic Choice

When he was small, I picked which films we saw at the cinema. The very first one? The Smurfs. We had a lot of fun watching the likes of Epic, The Lorax and Arthur Christmas (no, we actually left mid-way through that one because he couldn’t be quiet).

Finding Dory, August 2016

As he got older, the choice of screenings improved – Darkest Hour, The Greatest Showman and Bohemian Rhapsody.

But now that he’s twelve? He’s asserting his choice more and more.

Which is why I found myself sitting in the dark watching Shazam!

7 thoughts on “Cinematic Choice

  1. You’re a good Mum to sit through that one (lol). I’m sure this is just the beginning of such independence of choice. Arthur Christmas is one of my newer favourite Christmas movies.

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  2. Oh, yes … there will be lots of his asserting his choices now! 🙂 We saw the preview for Shazam but opted to skip that one. We’re currently re-watching all (!) the Marvel Universe movies in preparation for Avengers: The Endgame!


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