The Postal Museum

The Postal Museum in Central London reveals the surprising and fascinating story of the first social network. There’s a lot of hands-on stuff for younger visitors and the exhibits are presented in a child-friendly fashion.

Mural on the side of the Museum

The highlight of the Museum is the Mail Rail, a 15 minute ride in a converted train along a stretch of the now disused Royal Mail underground network. The carriages are a tight fit so probably aren’t a good idea if you suffer from claustrophobia (they were originally designed for the movement of sacks of mail and not people).

It’s a tight fit

In its heyday, the underground mail system handled 4 million letters a day. The trains ran everyday 4 minutes, 22 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your ticket gives you unlimited visits for a year (Mail Rail not included after the initial visit).

8 thoughts on “The Postal Museum

  1. I’ve heard of the Mail Rail but never knew anyone who had ridden it – it sounds like an interesting trip. It’s such a shame that technology is cutting down the amount of mail that we actually post, there’s nothing quite like seeing a handwritten envelope waiting on the doormat!

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  2. What a fun & interesting adventure. I think the mail carriage in your photo looks so like the British mail boxes. I agree with Deb’s comment about fewer & fewer pieces of actual written words being sent. I know that there is a few of us trying to rectify this!

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  3. Such a beautiful carriage! They knew how to design for elegance in those days … I’ve never been but am now putting it on my list for Things To Do in London. I can see a handsome young man who definitely does not seem to be suffering from claustrophobia!

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