Travel Training Begins

The Boy Child has begun travel training; a supported transition to enable him to travel to and from school by himself. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t anxious.

Travel training begins – the trainer is just out of sight around the corner

The Boy Child has a comprehensive timetable of how his training will work and he is supported fully by a lovely lady from Mencap. So far, all has gone well and he is proud of how he’s coped (as are we).

This is a step that both The Brainy One and I were unsure The Boy Child would be able to take and we’re grateful to his school and Mencap for helping him to attain a level of independence.

12 thoughts on “Travel Training Begins

  1. Kudos to TBC. Independence at any age, at any stage of life is so important to us all. I cannot image how much planning & worrying has gone into the decision & the process for this to happen.

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  2. Gulp! It’s so hard to help those little fledglings fly the nest isn’t it? I’m sure you’ve done much groundwork before this stage was reached and it sounds as if there is a lot of support in place to help reassure you. I can well imagine your anxiety – and relief once you knew he was home again safe and sound

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  3. What wonderful skills and confidence you are enabling him to have, encouraging his independence like this. It’s so hard not to feel anxious, isn’t it? My DD is in her mid-30s and lives hundreds of miles away – but if she mentions she is going to a late night event, I can still feel edgy!

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