Rewarding Loyalty

The lovely Mary-Lou of Patio Postcards asked her readers recently how many store/brand loyalty cards they carried. It was a good question!

The current crop of in use loyalty cards

A quick scan of my purse reveals seven store loyalty cards.

They are, from the top …

Costa Coffee – a national chain where The Boy Child and I spent a lot of time when he was younger. Points become money to spend in store.

Monsoon – a clothing store that’s a little pricier than average. Points become money off vouchers.

Sparks card – the loyalty card of High Street legend, Marks and Spencer. Points become a donation to your chosen charity (from a selection offered by M&S – I chose the Royal British Legion).

Tesco Clubcard – the loyalty card of a national supermarket. Points can become money off vouchers or converted to air miles. Guess which option I chose?

Waterstones – the UK’s only surviving national chain of bookstores. Points become money to spend in store.

Boots – the loyalty card of the UK’s leading nationwide chain of chemists. Points become money to spend in store. Plus, card holders regularly receive additional money off vouchers.

Paperchase – aka the Store of Utter Gorgeousness. Points become money to spend in store.

I looked at the contents of my purse here and my handbag here.

8 thoughts on “Rewarding Loyalty

  1. I have a Tesco card which I use when I get petrol, the last time I cashed them in it sounded as if I had millions of points but in the end I filled up with nearly £100 of petrol and they knocked of £2.80. I was rather hoping that with the amount of points I had I would have been given the petrol for nothing!

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  2. I like that Sparks rewards go to a charity. When tidying up my bag & sorting through my wallet aka purse, I found two reward cards I had but have totally forgotten about. Thanks for that shout out to my Take Three Thursday post 🙂

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  3. That’s quite a crop, and what an interesting question to be asked! I have a few too, but am torn between feeling that I don’t want stores/organisations to know what/when/where I’ve spent my money (desire for privacy), but the usefulness of being able to a discount for some things from time to time!

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