A Year of Thanking | 1st Quarter Review

As we move into the second quarter of the year, I’ve taken a look at how my Year of Thanking has gone so far.

I’ve written 16 letters over a three month period and I can’t decide if that’s a good number or a pitifully poor one.

One person wrote a note back.

One person wrote me a gloriously long proper letter.

One person called me.

Eleven people sent a text message.

One featured my letter on her blog.

One person hasn’t acknowledged my letter at all.

Some have gone to family members, some to long-standing friends and some to friends made through blogging.

All went in the post, even the local ones. The furthest one has travelled is to Canada.

The letter I never expected to send was to the fiancée of a friend to thank her for making him so happy.

Over this next quarter, I’m planning on sending a few unexpected thank you letters. To people I don’t know personally, but who have impacted my life in a good way. I’ll report back on how that went …

12 thoughts on “A Year of Thanking | 1st Quarter Review

  1. I still have your thoughtful postcard on my desk – it is such a nice reminder of the wonderful people I have met in blogging. I think the number of cards you have sent is admirable . My thought on this is that even sending one thankful is perfect. I am sure your card to your friend’s intended was indeed a surprise & well received. I like the pay it forward of the next quarter’s theme – now I need to get busy & send a thank you to someone who made a large impact in my life for the betterment of me, oh & there’s the Doctor’s nurse that is celebrating 40 years of being a nurse, she definitely needs a thank you … your inspiration reaches far & wide – thank You!

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  2. I love that idea of writing to your friend’s fiance! I bet he was surprised – what a lovely thought. It will be interesting to see who receives one in the next batch you mention.

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  3. This is definitely shaping up to be a worthwhile project. I think the rate of sending is perfectly respectable and will await news on the next steps with interest. I even feel a teeny bit inspired myself!

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  4. Your fidelity to your vision is very admirable, Ruth, and at one a week, that sounds more than respectable to me! They have clearly given a lot of pleasure (though I feel sad that there is someone to whom you wrote who never replied).

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