100 Day Project

This year’s 100 Day Project is live!

This year, I’ve decided to use the 100 Day Project to finish off the handful of abandoned works in progress I have around the place.

Five UFOs to tackle

In no particular order, I have the following UFOs:

  1. A small album recording each day of London 2012
  2. The History Project
  3. Pocket pages from the trip to Washington, DC that Mum and I took in 2010
  4. A Project Life spread for the trip I took with The Boy Child and Mum to see friends in New York City in 2014
  5. A pocket page album about Mum.

Like last year, I plan to report back on my progress at the one month in and two months in stages, with a wrap-up of how I fared on day 100: Thursday, 11 July.

Are you joining the 100 Day Project community?

19 thoughts on “100 Day Project

  1. All these UFO pieces of the big project goal seem to have lots of already in place beginnings. I’m sure it will be a bit slower as you remember the trips, especially those with your Mum. July 11 will come all too quickly.

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    1. You’re correct in that some projects simple need a paragraph or two of journaling in order to be considered complete. That trip to NYC in April 2014? The first time (and last, as it happened) Mum met her cousin … bittersweet.


  2. Oh, that sounds like a great project for the 100 days!

    I considered joining in but my plans got derailed last week & I think I’m going to opt for something a little shorter – maybe a 30 day scrapbooking goal.

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