What Was Your Least Favourite Subject at School?

My mum did me a huge favour when she kept the majority of my school reports … and then, years later, passing them onto me. The History Project has given me reason to pull them out of a folder and re-read them.

The mark that put me at the bottom of the class for Chemistry

The above photo clearly shows the poor mark I received in the end of year examination in the Fourth Form … but in my memory, I had myself receiving that mark after the Mock GCE O Level in the Autumn Term of the Fifth Form.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the Sciences and Maths were the subjects I found the most difficult and therefore my least favourite subjects. I definitely leaned towards to the humanities.

Which subjects did you struggle with at school? What was the lowest examination mark you ever received?

Oh, and by the way, much to my relief, I did not sit the Chemistry O Level in the end. I’d dragged my score up to 42% by the time of the Mocks (still a fail) but it was to the detriment of other subjects. I still had to turn up to timetabled lessons, but sat at the back and did my homework or wrote letters surreptitiously to pen friends.

10 thoughts on “What Was Your Least Favourite Subject at School?

  1. I was hopeless at math’s and received 14/200 in one exam. I wasn’t even bottom of the class either. At 14 I was allowed to drop maths and study Office Practice instead. Strange days in the early days of the Comprehensive system. I only improved my adding up in my head when employed as a part time barmaid. The customers would soon correct me if I was wrong!

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  2. That’s fantastic that your Mum saved your reports – what a treasure trove of memories. Primary School (what we call Public School, grades K-8) for me was one of those blessings/cruses & whether I did well usually depended on the teacher’s attitude about my extreme shyness. Those that bullied never got my best efforts.

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  3. Hopeless at Maths here too. I was lucky enough to swap the ‘ordinary’ sciences for Human Biology, had a fun teacher with brilliant suggestions on how to remember facts and got a good pass. But out of all my subjects, English and Needlework were my favourites and the ones I did best in.
    (I have memories of sitting at the back of a physics lesson (before I was allowed to drop that subject) with my friend Lynda, with a copy of Smash Hits under the desk, learning all the words to American Pie!)

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