Fashion Faux Pas

Inspired by both sorting through old family photos to use in The History Project and this post from my lovely friend Deb, I thought I’d share a few snaps of me in my youth …

The mid ’70s: I have no recollection of this dress at all (thank goodness!). It would seem that my collection of the no-hairstyle-at-all hairstyles began at a young age. I’m pretty sure that the photo was taken in the back garden of my paternal grandmother’s bungalow.

Circa ’79-’80: My dad’s best friend took this photo in the makeshift studio in his house (ie. the smallest bedroom). We’d been invited to dinner and as a precursor to the evening, my sister and I had our photos taken. We wore identical outfits although we were not photographed together. The plaid shirt was in brushed cotton and I remember that I used to stroke the sleeves. My no-hairstyle-at-all hairstyle is perhaps a throw back to Joanna Lumley as Purdey (or simply a terrible haircut).

Summer of ’82: I can date this photo fairly accurately, because I didn’t start wearing glasses until the Autumn of 1981. That Red Arrows t-shirt was really long, so long it could have been worn as a dress. The hat was obviously influenced by the Princess of Wales. I know where exactly where this photo was taken – I’m in the gardens of Swarthmoor Hall in South Lakeland.

Spring 1984: I’m pretty certain that I was on exam leave for my GCE O Levels when this photo was taken. The t-shirt and vest combo would have been inspired by the likes of Wham!. If you look closely, you can see that my jeans have creases in them. My no-hairstyle-at-all hairstyle is shorter, but obviously in dire need of layering. Note that my glasses have been upgraded to a ridiculously large design. The cat is Mitzi.

Are you willing to share a few fashionable images from your youth?

13 thoughts on “Fashion Faux Pas

  1. This project is such fun – wonderful photos from your childhood. Mitzi looked like a lovely kitty. In all the photos & even the ones of current times, I like your hair, even in what you call a state of no style at all, it was/is so lush & thick. Lucky you. As I said to Deb, more please.

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    1. Mitzi was a gorgeous cat! My hairdresser tells me that I don’t have thick hair, I just have a lot of it! How about you sharing a few childhood snaps??


  2. Oh these are lovely! Isn’t it strange how just looking at a photo, so many memories come flooding back, not just about where it was taken, but how the clothes you were wearing felt against your skin. Great photos!

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  3. My style in the 60s and today are the same for the most part, Jeans and a tee or button down shirt. My wife and children all say the only way to tell when a photo was taken is by the type of glasses I wore or my hair line. πŸ™‚

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