The History Project | The Restart

Having told you recently that I planned to complete The History Project during the upcoming 100 Day Project, I’ve actually gone ahead and begun working on it again.

Waiting for laundry presents a perfect opportunity

It’s been a lot of fun to spend time thinking about the first twenty years of my life. I’ve been firing off texts to family members with questions such as “Do you remember when such and such happened?” and “What happened to such and such?”

Memories of 1980s’ technology

I’m making a ton of notes and using every opportunity to write things down (such as waiting for an over-sized load to be complete in the launderette). Google Images has become my friend … want an image of a cassette playing Sony Walkman? No problem for Google.

The tracks of my years

For some topics, I simply used a few alphas for a title and a red pen as a highlighter. I now have 9 pages relating to the tracks of my years, and I keep wanting to add more.

Dad rocking the double denim

For the section about where I lived during my first 20 years, I’ve used washi tape as a border and added copies of old photos featuring home. Because we were a military family, we’d lived in 4 different homes by the time I was six years old.

I’ve completed another six topics, meaning that I have passed the half way point. With the help of the 100 Day Project, I’m hopeful to be finished by the Summer.

7 thoughts on “The History Project | The Restart

  1. You are making some impressive headway on this project. Your Dad did rock that double denim look. I bet that photo itself flooded you with memory. I’ve been gathering up some family history about a cookbook that has been passed down. It’s funny the memories that are being shared, so different about one small item. I really wish my Mom or Gran would have written down more memories for us.

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    1. I hope you blog about the cookbook! My maternal grandparent was an excellent storyteller and how I wish she’d written them down/that I’d taken notes …


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