Five Things I Do Before A Trip

I do love a travel guide

1. Stock the fridge with the basics: If it’s just a short trip, make sure there is in-date bread and milk in the bread bin and fridge. A hot cup of tea and a slice of buttered toast can taste ambrosial after a day or night spent travelling. If it’s a longer trip, ask someone you trust to drop off bread and milk the day you are due home.  

2. Have something you can look forward to: it’s easy to feel somewhat deflated after a holiday, so I try to plan something for the first weekend after our trip. It’s usually something as simple as supper in the pub or a trip to the cinema.

3. Leave your home tidy: I don’t mean that you have to carry out a spring clean before going away, but I find it’s better to come home to a house where the beds have been made and the living room is tidy.

4. Get your inbox as close to zero as possible: Clear as many work emails as you can, particularly if you are self-employed. This ensures that you’ve done most of the problem-solving you need to, no one is waiting on you for anything, and you can start with a fresh slate when you’re back.

5. Unpack the second you arrive home: This is technically a post-trip tip, but whether I get back at two in the morning, or the middle of the day, I unpack the moment I walk in the door, and sort the laundry into piles. The feeling of waking up later and realizing I’ve already unpacked is akin to waking up after a dinner party and realizing you’ve already done the dishes.

5 thoughts on “Five Things I Do Before A Trip

  1. Great advice. My mum always liked to leave the washing basket completely empty before we went away and I could never understand why – now I do! It is so lovely to come home to a clean and tidy home isn’t it? The only thing on your list that I don’t do is unpack as soon as we are home. I will always tackle it the next day but sometimes the call for sleep is too great!

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  2. Great tips! I always leave the house tidy, but we typically stop at the grocery store & pick up what we need on the way home. If we’ve been on a trip on this side of the pond, I unpack immediately … if we’ve just returned from a long overseas flight, I go to bed & unpack when I wake up. 🙂

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