Six Ways to Stimulate Your Brain

I often feel that I get through days with my brain in sleep mode. A mix of tiredness and the pre-menopause certainly doesn’t help! It was with interest that I read an article in the current issue of Good Housekeeping magazine and ways to stimulate your brain. The article listed 21 such ways and I found myself nodding in agreement and secretly pleased that many of the tips suggested I do anyway.

Spring is springing

Here are my top 6 ways to keep the old grey matter moving:

  1. have an animal in your life: the therapeutic benefits of pet ownership are well documented. A pet can be anything from a fish to a dog, as long as it has the advantage of making you interact with it and others. Although you might look a little odd taking a fish for a walk …
  2. become a culture vulture: galleries, museums and theatres all offer nourishment for the soul (and brain). Many venues don’t charge, so check out local listings and coffee shop noticeboards to see what be happening in your area.
  3. value rituals: rituals are comforting – from completing a series of yoga poses to making a cup of tea. But bear in mind, if a ritual begins to make you feel anxious or compelled, it’s probably time to stop.
  4. embrace kindness: self-care enables us to feel happier and be better partners, parents or employees. Putting yourself first is not a pampered or self-indulgent act.
  5. laugh as often as you can: the more you laugh, the more your brain releases endorphins and the better you will feel.
  6. prioritise sleep: when we sleep well, we’re making a long-term investment in our memory health.

8 thoughts on “Six Ways to Stimulate Your Brain

  1. Totally agree with all those. I think just getting out into the fresh air is a must too. Even just a walk to the local shop can clear your mind and raise your spirits. I love how the pet related tip came in at number one!

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  2. All are wonderful suggestions. Animals & walking are two of my favourite suggestions. As for laughter, having a pet often results in laughter. Beautiful photo of the magnolias.

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  3. Great tips! Yes, y’all are definitely culture vultures! I want to start doing more cultural things here locally – we’re really good about it when we’re out of town, but need to take advantage of all that’s available here in the Dallas area.

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