The History Project | Revisited

I signed up for Kerri Bradford‘s online class, The History Project, in January 2015, full of enthusiasm, but somehow it became one of those online courses that I didn’t complete.

I came across my uncompleted work in a drawer recently when looking for Lego instructions (as you do). As I flicked through the worksheets, I realised why I’d put the class to one side … I’d completely underestimated just how much writing I would have to do.

Memories of a holiday to Antwerp, Belgium

There are 21 sub categories covering the first 20 years of my life and I had done just 6 of them.

Memories of grandparents

Blowing the dust of those worksheets gave me my plan for this year’s upcoming 100 Day Project – finish/complete all those UFOs* that I’ve accumulated over the years. It’s not a sexy plan by any stretch, but is is a plan that will produce concrete results … and working on The History Project should be an enjoyable trip down memory lane.

*UFOs are unfinished objects.

14 thoughts on “The History Project | Revisited

  1. That sounds like an interesting, but challenging project – all that writing! Maybe it will be easier to complete now you’ve had a long break and can restart with new enthusiasm? Good luck with the UFOs!

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    1. I am definitely fired up to have a go a completing it. but even if I don’t, it will be further along than it’s been for the last 4 years!


  2. Excellent goal! I have never heard of Kerri’s workshop. I chuckled at UFO & yes I have several of those too. How do you feel about finishing those layouts or assignments using the computer? I know I can key faster than I can write & there’s lots of handwriting looking fonts.

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  3. I stumbled upon this class just last week and it looked very interesting to me as I have in my plans to do a personal history project. If you share your progress, I might look into it more.
    In regards to the 100 Days project, your plan was my plan last year… It is a great way to work on projects gathering dust and I shared my positive and negative conclusions here if you are interested:
    I am contemplating doing the 100 Day again this year and call me crazy but I am thinking of making 100 cards! Maybe!

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  4. I remember following along with you last year via Instagram and thinking what a good use of the 100 days it was. I’ve really enjoyed revisiting The History project this last week and mean to finish it … then I thought I might do a similar, but stand alone, project about my time in the military using the same prompts.


      1. I would recommend this class, yes. I’m afraid I don’t remember what I paid for it in late 2014/early 2015. It’s possible I received it as a Christmas present.


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