Sing-a-Long The Greatest Showman

Oh! This is the greatest show!

At the end of half-term, The Boy Child and I met up with friends to participate in Sing-a-Long The Greatest Showman at the Prince Charles Cinema in London’s West End.

I’d never been to this kind of event before and was slightly anxious about how The Boy Child would react to all the noise. When I booked the tickets, I actually called the box office rather than book online. I explained about his autism and the customer service chap couldn’t have been more helpful. I had the cinema’s seating plan open on my PC and I was able to say which seats we’d prefer to sit in without any difficulties (near the back, on an aisle. Always). An added bonus was discovering that the Prince Charles cinema is signed up the CEA card scheme, which meant that The Boy Child’s ticket was complimentary.

Pre-show briefing

And what of the sing-a-long experience? It was superb! Tremendous fun and both The Boy Child enjoyed it enormously. So much so, we’re looking to see what else we can see in this format … The Sound of Music or Grease, anyone?

8 thoughts on “Sing-a-Long The Greatest Showman

  1. Hi Ruth, so glad you enjoyed it. I have been to Sing along Sound of aMusic. It was a fabulous event. My daughter bought us Nun outfits to wear which I loved. I have also been to the Grease sing-along but I didn’t enjoy it as much. The greatest showman is sold out at our local theatre, shame! Miss out this time.

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  2. Those 2 smiling faces say it all. I’ve not heard of planned sing along for movies, I must look to see if there’s any in our region. I have been to some live performance musicals (I’m thinking Les Miserables in particular) where the person next to me must have thought the event was of this nature! I’ll say no more …

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