Stranger Things

Do you remember when you were a child and your parents warned you not to talk to strangers? Do you remember constantly telling your children today not to meet up with ‘friends’ they met on the internet?

The Boy Child and I recently did both of those things. We even met arranged to meet a stranger in a disused church …

Strangers no more

And all was well, because our stranger was no other than Deb of Deb’s World. What a lovely lady! We spent a happy 90 minutes chatting away about life, travel, scrapbooking (I think I failed at persuading Deb to return to pretty paper paired with photos) and a little bit of football. We even got to meet Paul (who very sensibly dropped in to check up on us).

Thanks to Shimelle and her Blogging for Scrapbookers class all those years ago, I’ve long counted Deb as a friend. All meeting up did was to cement that friendship.

The Internet may be full of dross and unmentionables, but it’s also full of like-minded people who will bring so much to your life.

Thanks, Deb, and I do hope it doesn’t take us as long to have the next cuppa!

8 thoughts on “Stranger Things

  1. Oh I love this post! It was so good to meet you and lovely TBC (I bet he’s happy Liverpool are back at the top of the table after yesterday’s result!) I really hope that you all get to come up this way again sometime soon, it would be fab if this could be an annual event!

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