Him and Her

A perfect pair?

Since Tilly‘s arrival, the question I’ve been asked most is this: How is The Boy Child with her?

I tell people that he is besotted, and he is. But …

He is also heavy-handed with her, constantly bothers her if she is trying to sleep and will insist on cuddling her in what can only be described as a death grip.

We’re aware that he’s behaving like this because he is a 12-year-old boy who is in love with this bundle of furry joy. Perhaps autism is only a consideration when he’s unable to moderate his interactions with her.

In a sign of growing maturity, The Boy Child did tell us that he was a “bit jealous” of Tilly and all the attention she receives from The Brainy One and me. I swear I felt my heart squeeze when he said those words.

What advice can you give, beyond reassurance and each with their own space?

3 thoughts on “Him and Her

  1. This sounds exactly like how Leo is with his new baby sister! He loves her to bits but boy does he squeeze her tight if you don’t keep an eye on him. He also realises that if she is getting attention, he can divert that interest to himself by doing something he shouldn’t be doing! It is hard and I’m sure that it is a very similar situation with TBC, there’s a new ‘baby’ in the house and he’s not used to having to share you with anyone/anything else. He’ll always be your number one boy and I’m sure you’ve told him that many a time!
    My only advice is to comment on how happy Tilly is when they are playing nicely together and divert his attention when he gets a little heavy handed. From our experience with Coco, she will reach an age when she lets him know she’s had enough!

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  2. Sweet photo of the pair of them. My current experience is mostly of cats & any dogs that I grew up with were all very large ones & certainly let me know if they had too much of my loving. Love doled out at the proper strength & length is going to be a tough one to navigate. Advice, none that is valid other than to say let’s hope Tilly doesn’t snap at him, I think it would hurt TBC’s feelings.


  3. It is a sign of his emotional maturity to admit to feeling a bit jealous of the attention she gets. Many adults would not accept this feeling in themselves. Praise the positive and try to overlook the negative? I am reminded of instructions to my 2 year old nephew ” gentle hands”!! It will work out okay in the end, she will get bigger and will deal with him in her own doggy way. She is a beauty, who could ignore her. Good luck Ruth.

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