For The Love of Books | Reader, I Married Me

Reader, I Married Meby Sophie Tanner is a story in the classic chick lit mode … until you realise that the story might just be true … Chloe Usher has just broken up with the love of her life. All her friends urge her to find another man before she disappears down the slippery slope to spinsterhood. After a particularly messy date and several gins, she decides that she doesn’t need an ‘other half’ to complete her and announces that she is going to marry herself. The news goes viral and, in the sober light of day, Chloe finds herself thrust firmly into the public eye to the embarrassment of her friends and family. Planning her wedding solo takes Chloe on a bumpy journey of self-discovery, as she realises why wish away your life waiting for ‘the one’ when YOU are, in fact, the one?

It was a quick read, with a few predictable parts, a few funny parts and a dog (always a winner). My difficulty lay in the fact that, at the beginning, I couldn’t decide if I liked Chloe. And if I didn’t like her, could I really invest in her and her story?

However, regardless of whether I liked Chloe or not, I liked the main theme running through the story – that humans do not need a life partner in order to live a full and interesting life, that self-care and self-love are important. Shouldn’t love begin with loving yourself?

Some of the escapades were a little far-fetched (the fight in the wedding dress shop and the being stitched up by the reality TV show’s producer), her work colleagues were mostly hideous/weak/stupid and did her male best friend really have to be drop dead gorgeous and over-the-top flamboyant? I thought of Bridget Jones a little too often …

All told, I decided I did enjoy reading it and I would probably give Reader, I Married Me a solid three stars – it would be a great beach read.

** I received an advanced copy of Reader, I Married Me in return for a review. All opinions are my own. Reader, I Married Me will be published in the UK on the 16 May.

2 thoughts on “For The Love of Books | Reader, I Married Me

  1. I think I saw this book listed on The New Mrs Darcy site … I can’t say that it beckons to me, but I’ve been wrong before. I find reading a book where I don’t like the main character so unsatisfying. I’m not a Sex In The City expert, but didn’t Carrie do the same thing, marry herself, to get a pair of shoes replaced?


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