Awards Evening

Before Christmas, The Boy Child announced that he’d won an award at school and had £250 to spend. Further investigation revealed that although the Jack Petchey Foundation had given the school a grant, the recipient was chosen by a student vote … which was indeed won by The Boy Child and the £250 prize money was available to spend on things of his choosing for the school.

Outstanding achiever

The Boy Child received a certificate and a badge for his blazer. And I thought that was it … but, no.

Last week, The Boy Child and I attended an Awards Evening hosted by the Jack Petchey Foundation. An all singing, all dancing celebration of achievement.

The Boy Child with the Deputy Mayor (image courtesy of JPF)

I posted on Instagram later that evening …

So this happened last night. The Boy Child won an achievement award from the @jackpetcheyfoundation and was presented with his medal at an awards evening. His confidence has had such a boost … he realises now that he is capable, he can achieve, he is worthy, he is enough (thank you, @michelleobama, for reinforcing that mantra). It hasn’t just been mum and dad telling him those things. My heart is full.

PS: never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever tag a former First Lady (and all round classy human) in an Instagram post. Just goes to show …

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