Winter Walks with Tilly

I’m not a big fan of winter. This year hasn’t been so bad – it’s been mild and we’ve seen the sun – and the snowfall has been minimal. 

First school run

But if personal experience has taught me anything about winter, it’s that I need to get myself out of the house and into the fresh air, preferably during daylight, as often as possible. But what about when the temperature drops to freezing or minus digits, like it’s forecast to do next week?

Having a puppy with energy to burn is the biggest motivator. She can get me out the door in the dark, the damp and the downright miserable.

Tilly doesn’t care whether it’s light or dark. Tilly doesn’t care whether it’s raining or cold (the jury’s still out when it comes to snow).

What’s this white stuff?

Tilly is happy to simply be outside, secure in the knowledge that a thousand and one people are going to stop and fuss her. No wonder her spirits are high.

Perhaps we should all be a bit more like Tilly, without the fussing from strangers, especially during these winter months …

6 thoughts on “Winter Walks with Tilly

  1. What an adorable dog! She really is a beauty. The snow pic is perfect. I would have to stop and pet her if I saw you out with her. The kids at the school must love her!

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