Four Fun Things

Time for a little self-indulgence …

Shaun featured my postcard on the shop’s Facebook page. (I’m no longer on Facebook; a friend sent me the link and I took a screenshot.)

Postcards Home, an online treasure chest selling unique homeware and gifts inspired by travel and design, selected my Instagram image to win their January giveaway …

Mini pom pom basket from Postcards Home

… and then sent me a lovely handmade Gold Lady necklace as a thank you.

The Boy Child and I are going with friends to a Sing-a-Long version of The Greatest Showman and we are so excited!


Miss Tilly has been offered a modelling job, I kid you not. I’ll let you know if and when that happens.

Snuggled up

She doesn’t appear to be fazed by the thought …

6 thoughts on “Four Fun Things

  1. Tilly looks absolutely like a star model in the photo. Well done you having your postcard published. I’m just finishing up the Diary of a Bookseller …

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      1. I liked, an easy flowing read. I did not like his dumpster diving shop help! I’m now following his F/B posts. I really enjoy the postcards & things people write. I’d like to be that clever.


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