Month in Numbers | January 2019

January was a busy month here at This West London Life … let’s take a look at how the numbers shaped up:

January 2019

My biggest daily step count came in at 16,562.

I swan 390 lengths of the gym’s pool. If it weren’t for a u/s heating thermostat, it would have been quite a bit more.

We had 2 falls of snow, but none of it stayed around for long. Much to The Boy Child’s disappointment.

Someone in our family may have celebrated their 12th birthday … and may have had to write 13 thank you notes.

I wrote 10 letters as part of my Year of Thanking.

I created 9 scrapbook pages, all in 12×12 and 3 mini spreads in a traveler’s notebook.

One new puppy arrived to join our family. She is a Cavachon and we have called her Tilly. It turns out she was born on Remembrance Day, so perhaps we should have called her Poppy.

Month in Numbers was the brainchild of Julie and you’ll always find a warm welcome over at her place. Not to mention entertaining posts about a varied list of topics. Go on over, stop by and say hello.
You can see my previous Month in Numbershere.

7 thoughts on “Month in Numbers | January 2019

  1. Have you had any more snow overnight? We woke to a light covering this morning.
    How can your handsome young man possibly be 12? Where are the years going?
    That young puppy is going to feature a lot in future monthly roundups I bet!

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  2. Impressive numbers. I echo Deb’s comment, TBC is 12!!! You inspired me to keep a numbers tract for January … now to figure out which layout I’d like to use to record. We have many school closings because of the extreme cold this past week; many bust pipes, school buses that won’t start, combined with snow days & PD days, they haven’t been at school a lot in January.


  3. That’s a seriously impressive step count! And some lovely family celebrations, it seems. Writing letters is such a nice thing both to do and to receive one is always a pleasure – a lost art, it seems, so all kudos to you for keeping to alive. I like the bright colours of your layout, in what is otherwise a bit of long and dull month.

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