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Our local library is currently in the middle of a long-overdue upgrade and site move.  Its budget has been slashed to the bone in recent years and it appears that copies of popular works of new fiction are no longer a priority.  We have a branch of the UK’s sole surviving book chain and we have a dedicated Oxfam book shop.

But sometimes, I don’t know what I want to read next …  Waterstones’ BoTM might not necessarily be my cup of tea.  I might not always spot a pre-loved title in Oxfam that yells, “Buy me!  Buy me this instant!” So I do what I suspect many of you do as well … I canvas suggestions from friends and I read book posts on several blogs.

Ali Edwards and Stephanie Howell both post regular book round-up posts and Stephanie has just started a Facebook book group.  Anne of Modern Mrs Darcy is a published author and obvious bookophile.  Many of the titles I read last year came from these ladies, and I have two more current recommendations from Ali waiting on my Kindle.

Where do you get your book recommendations from?  What would you recommend I read?

6 thoughts on “For the Love of Books | Where I Find Recommendations

  1. Your recommendations are one of my sources. I’ve just recently checked Modern Mrs Dacey for recommendations & there’s a few other blog sites I glean their book lists. I’m very fortunate to have such an excellent branch of our library at the end of my street & over the years have developed a very good relationship with the ladies there. They are always giving me suggestions. Our library online site has ungone several upgrades & finally it is at a stage that is user friendly, current & has a whole section of what’s trending, what’s new & what each librarian recommends.

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  2. I’m like Mary-Lou, I often copy your reading lists! I also have a little insider knowledge – my son works at Little,Brown publishers! However his tastes and mine rarely match but he will sometimes send me something that he thinks I will like, or something that I wouldn’t normally choose so I can widen my horizons! I’m currently reading Michelle Obama’s book ‘Becoming’ and really enjoying it.

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  3. As you know, I’m a huge fan of our library & get suggestions from our book club and the librarians and other ladies in that group. I also enjoy your reviews & will add books to my to-read list from those and other bloggers – Karen at Random Reflections often mentions great books. I’m in a couple of entrepreneur groups where I find suggestions for books on business and mindset and setting goals, etc. Robbie and I pass books back and forth that we think the other will like, and my nieces always call when they’ve read a book they know I’ll enjoy. 🙂

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