What Was Your Best/Favourite Christmas Present?

The Brainy One and I don’t go overboard with presents for each other at Christmas.  Last year, I gave him a book about Michael Caine and he gave me a diary and a pair of Ugg slippers.  All of which were welcome.

But the best present we received came from friends … thumbnail (39)I would never dream of buying bedding as a gift.  Somehow, I think that choosing a new duvet cover is quite personal, but our friends got this absolutely spot on!

What was your best/favourite Christmas present?


6 thoughts on “What Was Your Best/Favourite Christmas Present?

  1. What an unusual gift! How absolutely lovely though, so much fun, what a great idea. Like you, we didn’t go overboard this year with presents and I think that one of the best ones I received was my jigsaw puzzle! It was so good to have a project that I could work on whenever I had a spare 10 minutes and I was almost sad when I put the last piece into the picture.

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  2. Well that is certainly a cheerful cover – what good friends & ones that really listen & know you. Could that be a hint as to what type of new edition to the family is?!?!

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