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thumbnail (40)Right now I’m currently …

Reading:  The Lost Pilots: The Spectacular Rise and Scandalous Fall of Aviation’s Golden Couple by Corey Mead. This was a Christmas gift and although I might have picked up a copy myself, I’m disappointed in how just unlikable the couple is.

Planning: more Weekday Walks to share with you.

Watching: Les Misérables on the BBC and Stan & Ollie at the cinema.

Making: scrapbook pages.  Always.

Listening: to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with The Boy Child.

Celebrating: The Boy Child’s recent birthday.

Writing: thank you notes as part of my Year of Thanking project.

Preparing: for the arrival of a new member of our family.

5 thoughts on “Right Now …

  1. I watched the first episode of Les Miserables on Iplayer. This made me realize I had never read the book. I have spent the last two evenings reading, with the tv switched off. Enjoying it tremendously. 820 pages left to read. Not a chore, a real pleasure. Much of Hugo’s social commentary could, sadly, apply to current times.

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    1. I admit to never having read it either. But I think there might be a copy of my Kindle, so perhaps I should add Les Mis to my waiting-to-be-read list.


  2. Belated very happy birthday wishes to TBC. A lovely photo of tulips to accompany this post. I’ve never listened to the Harry Potter series & I know you have mentioned before how much you & TBC enjoy – Stephen Fry’s version I believe. I must see if our library has. I find it hard to read a book if I don’t like the characters, especially the main ones, although I have read where it was only the friends I liked … in making a comparison, I find for TV shows if I don’t like the main character(s) friends, I usually am unlikely to continue watching.

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  3. I’ve tried to understand the appeal of Les Mis but struggled with the tv adaptation that’s on at the moment. Yet I know people who’ve seen it at the theatre several times because they love it so much. Can’t wait for that new arrival to have her blog debut!

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