Finishing Up The One Little Word Traveler’s Notebook | Nourish

How I love the look and feel of this traveler’s notebook!  Turns out that 2018 was an excellent year in which to decide to nourish myself.thumbnail (30)The last few entries are, as you might expect, Christmas related.  There was lunch with two of my local girlfriends. thumbnail (27)_LI.jpgThere was that visit to the Royal Albert Hall.  And yes, I flipped the design from the previous entry. thumbnail (26)_LI.jpgThere was a family portrait. thumbnail (28)There was a group family portrait.thumbnail (29)_liI have two entries left to add; one recording the pitter-patter of tiny paws and one recording New Year’s Eve.

I’d like to stick with this way of recording our new word.  And yet … I’d also like a traveler’s notebook that perhaps doesn’t end the year quite as bulky … can anyone recommend a TN that is designed to lay flay when full?

4 thoughts on “Finishing Up The One Little Word Traveler’s Notebook | Nourish

  1. An amazing record of the year of Nourish in 2018. I like your last few pages – you really were able to Nourish & replenish yourself throughout the year with friendships.

    I haven’t used a Traveler’s Notebook so I cannot make any recommendations.

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