A Year of Thanking | The Handwritten Word

Watching The Boy Child write his thank-you cards just after Christmas cemented an idea in my mind.  I’d read about A Year of Magical Thanking via A Cup of Jo back in October and thought it was such a great idea.thumbnail (25)Such a great idea that I should do my own version in 2019.  Because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

It’s not as if I don’t send out Happy Mail on a regular basis, but this would have a more specific aim – a handwritten note simply to thank someone, just because.

I’ve a basket of cards and postcards at the ready, several books of stamps and a list of potential recipients …

(The Brainy One suggested that I make it clear that I am not suffering from a life-limiting or terminal illness, in case any of you felt I might be feeling the need to tie up any loose ends …)

You can see the original idea on Instagram at @thankyouyear.

18 thoughts on “A Year of Thanking | The Handwritten Word

  1. A wonderful idea Ruth. It will be fun using your stationery supplies & finding just the right card. I cannot remember the name but don’t you have a favourite stationery shop? There’s that quote about sometimes the simplest show of gratitude is to simply say thank you. I started sending thank you notes to people at church, there’s so many that do so much behind the scenes & I try to find an appropriate biblical quote to go with the thanks – so far my biggest challenge was thanking the lady that looks after taking out the garbage. Now it’s an official part of our pastoral care. 🙂

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    1. My favourite stationery store is Paperchase, aka The Store of Utter Gorgeousness. I suspected that when I announced the start of this project, I would learn that numerous people are already quietly getting on with it – you and my best friend’s mother, to name two. I’m sure the lady in charge of the rubbish at church was delighted to have been thanked!


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