One Little Word 2019 | Thrive

This is our 9th year of choosing a One Little Word ® and this year, we have settled on the word thrive.DSC_0063.JPGThrive: verb; to grow or develop well or vigorously; to prosper or flourish.

In living this word, I/we recognise that I/we will need to do the hard things, to choose to actively engage and to recognise when it’s fine to step back.  I/we will, perhaps, need to be that person on the front row and not the one skulking at the back.

In living this word, I/we will endeavour to be true to ourselves, follow our passions, be kind, laugh more and live our best life.

What word will you carry with you throughout 2019?

Our previous words were:

2018: Nourish; 2017: Nourish; 2016: Fortitude; 2015: Give; 2014: Be More; 2013: Change; 2012: Enjoy; 2011: Better.




18 thoughts on “One Little Word 2019 | Thrive

  1. A great word and I like the way you are planning to interpret it into your life. Once again I have found myself nodding in agreement to what you have written. Since retiring I think I have been too ‘available’ to help with other people, it isn’t good for them and it isn’t good for me! There’s a fine line between being a safety net and gently encouraging and actively doing something for someone else. I’m looking forward to reading about how you welcome this word into your life!

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    1. Yes to saying no more! We’ve had a few occasions where people have become difficult when we’ve said no to something, which made us realise just how much other people expected us to solve their difficulties.


  2. Such a life-enhancing word, full of energy and growth – your thoughtful elaboration of how you see it shaping your lives together is an inspiring manifesto. And I am sure there will be some lovely pages to go with it …


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