Weekday Walks | Christmas Shopping

Every year, The Brainy One and I choose a day in December to go Christmas shopping.  I say Christmas shopping, but what actually happens is this (or something very similar) …

To Green Park on the Underground.  A quick stop at Fortnum and Mason to see their decorated stairwell, which although pretty, wasn’t a patch on last year.thumbnail (80) From there, it was a short stroll through Burlington Arcade and onto Bond Street.thumbnail (77) A stop at Charbonnel et Walker for teacher gifts and a stop at Smythson for a 2019 diary.thumbnail (73)He was then ready to call it lunch time.  A walk down Oxford Street brought us to Selfridge’s, where we had lunch al fresco on the roof terrace.thumbnail (66)Because The Brainy One purchased the diary (for me), he feels justified in claiming that he has been Christmas shopping.  I haven’t the heart to tell him that I never count our annual Christmas shopping day as anything other than lunch out …

Do you Christmas shop with your significant other?

4 thoughts on “Weekday Walks | Christmas Shopping

  1. That looks like a perfect pre Christmas day out – although I’m not convinced one diary constitutes Christmas shopping! Now we are both retired we don’t tend to have one particular Christmas shopping day but spread it out over a few trips – one of the perks of retiring!

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  2. The shops of London do go all out for Christmas; the decorating is spectacular. We have nothing like this locally or even in the cities close to us. Although I have no idea what Toronto does. It seems any sign of Christmas this side of the pond is under attack. Let’s hope this dis-ease does not jump the pond. I do like the golden balls spiraling down the stairs. We don’t go shopping together even for groceries! He likes to wander, me get in, get out. But this year for Christmas gifts since it’s really only between ourselves, he needed to show me exactly the tool he wanted/needed. (col).

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