Weekday Walks | London’s Christmas Lights

This year, unlike previous years, I avoided the obvious areas of London when seeking out Christmas lights.  Oxford and Regents Streets have had the same decorations for the last few years.

Somerset House has a magnificent tree in its inner courtyard, right next to the pop-up ice skating rink.  I timed my shot perfectly, as the ice had been cleared in between skating sessions. thumbnail (38)Covent Garden is always a visual delight (and its gift topped car is an Instagram favourite).  It helped that when I was there, it had been raining so the crowds were less than usual.   thumbnail (27)

thumbnail (26)You can see how Oxford Street’s lights looked in 2014 here … they haven’t changed.

4 thoughts on “Weekday Walks | London’s Christmas Lights

  1. Thanks for the 2nd glace at the gift package car … oh those trees are magnificent in size & lights. Having that person in the photo of the Convent Garden’s tree gives a true perspective of just how big that tub is & how tall the tree. Nice to have a look back to 2014 – OM what a difference in TBC.

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