Bedtime Reading

The Brainy One and I have read aloud to the The Boy Child virtually every day of his life.  When he was a baby, whomever was cuddling him would invariably read aloud from the newspaper or a magazine.  We were firm believers that it didn’t matter what we read to him, it was more about the tone of voice we used coupled with the closeness of cuddling him.Bedtime ReadingNow, however, The Boy Child doesn’t want us to read to him.  He still reads in bed before lights out, but no longer requests a chapter of whatever his current favourite is.

This change is bittersweet.  We’re happy that he wants to take some aspect of control in his life where he’s able to, but we’re sad that this particular chapter {ahem} has come to an end.

But, you know, we all like listening together to Stephen read Harry Potter after supper, so there’s that.



8 thoughts on “Bedtime Reading

  1. Oh I know how you are feeling! All too often we wish our children will grow up and be more independent and then suddenly you realise that those routines mean as much to us as they do the child and you want to turn the clock back just a tiny bit.

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  2. We loved Stephen reading Harry Potter, I bought copies of the CDs for nephews and nieces and even my Dad enjoyed them while doing a road trip.

    Stopping reading aloud is sad, I miss the closeness of doing that and knowing what they’re reading. We’re now purging and getting rid of old favourites that are out grown, the close of another chapter. Although Ewok was adamant that all Biggles were staying, and Princess has saved several children’s books too.

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    1. Full marks for keeping Biggles! I cull his bookshelves every new year … some go to Oxfam and some go in “Mum’s Keep Pile” … Billy’s Bucket and Some Dogs Do spring to mind. I bought those titles for one of our great nephews last Christmas.


  3. What a wonderful photo of TBC. Ah yes the bedtime reading routine, it holds many wonderful snuggle moments in my heart. It is some of the best times with sleep overs with nieces & nephews. Who knows there may just be a surprise moment or two when he says yes again.

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