Me on Monday

This weekend saw The Brainy One and I go out on a Saturday night without The Boy Child for only the second time this year.  It did mean that I had to cancel the Strictly WhatsApp conversation, but it was just about worth it.thumbnail (23)The Dutch friends had invited us to try out a new bistro which opened recently on the edge of one of our favourite local parks.  It’s received mixed reviews in the national press, so I was interested in seeing what we thought.thumbnail (24)And in a nutshell, we thought it was decidedly average.  The food was okay, as in we all ate what we’d ordered, but none of us raved over any of it.  The lighting was too dim, which meant it was difficult to read the menu.  The acoustics need looking at, because as the evening wore on, the noise level was almost painful. I don’t think we’ll be rushing back any time soon.

But the company more than made up for it, and it was really was a treat to be out on a Saturday night.  Cheers.




5 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. Sometimes the quality of the company exceeds the location! I have to say that I have reached the age where we now sometimes choose our dining venue by the acoustics – I hate having to struggle to listen to a conversation! What was your WhatsApp conversation like last night when they announced the two couples in the dance off? I couldn’t believe it – but equally knew who would be going home out of the two!

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    1. Last night’s Results Show was a bit of a let down (apart from the astonishing and emotional pro dance at the start) – it was a certainty that Swanny would be hanging up his dancing shoes.


  2. What a great way to celebrate a weekend – date night! Your photos capture the setting & mood so well. We tend not to go out for dinner as there’s so many things I cannot eat or worry that I’ll have digestive upset afterwards, plus it is very expensive. We like going out for breakfast, so we have date morning (col). Does London have a registry for restaurants that work on noise pollution? In Toronto there’s a listing of restaurants with low background volumes, to encourage conversation.

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