Bookworm Confessions


  1. I don’t use my library as much as I should. The Boy Child and I got back into the habit of calling in after school once a week, but I hardly ever take anything out on my own ticket.
  2. I almost never make notes or mark up a book when I’m reading. When I see books that are filled with underlines and notes, I like the idea of having my books so personalized like that. But in reality, I’ve only ever highlighted sections in reference books, never fiction.
  3. The idea of not using a bookmark is an anathema to me. I actually own quite a few lovely bookmarks, but I can never usually find one when I need it … shop receipts and Post-it notes have been known to do the trick.
  4. I have no organisation system for my books.  Our shelves are currently overfull and double stacking is beginning to appear (a pet peeve).  We have books in every room in our house, including the bathrooms.  (Cicero wrote that “a room without a book was a body without a soul“.)  Organisation tends to be random, although I might put similar sized books together.  Paperbacks tend to live on shelves upstairs, with the hardbacks on the shelves in the living room and kitchen. I clear out periodically and donate them to Oxfam.
  5. I never sound out character or place names that aren’t obvious. I just recognize the name by sight and how it’s pronounced doesn’t really bother me.  It might become a problem if I subsequently end up talking about the book at a later date. In fact, one thing I love about audio books is that I then know how tricky names of people and places are supposed to be pronounced.  I have an abiding memory of a good friend reading Harry Potter aloud … “blah, blah, blah, said Hermy One” … she wasn’t at all embarrassed at not knowing how she was supposed to pronounce Hermione.
  6. I don’t tend to borrow books from other people.  I want the freedom to return a book to the library unread or to dislike a book and not have to report back to the person who loaned it to me that I think the book they loved was boring/rubbish and I only finished it out of obligation. .
  7. The worst part about reading on a Kindle is the lack of how a book smells and feels in my hands.  A Kindle has its uses but it will never fully replace a physical book.
  8. I never lay my books face down with the pages open. Why would I?
  9. I’m a fast reader, but I am not a speed reader, nor do I have any interest in learning how to speed read. I read for fun, not because I want to read as many titles as possible.
  10. I eat while I’m reading.  Books are there to be enjoyed, meant to be enjoyed and I like sitting at the kitchen table at lunchtime with an open book while I eat my sandwich and drink my cup of tea.   I look after my books, but I can’t guarantee the book will remain pristine.

What are your bookworm confessions?

7 thoughts on “Bookworm Confessions

  1. Oh I did smile when I read number five. My son has been a voracious reader from a very young age and Harry Potter was first published when he was confidently reading at primary school. On the whole he read it independently but we would sometimes read a chapter together and I loved how he pronounced Hermione ‘Herry-moan’. I didn’t like to correct him, and it wasn’t until we went to see the film that he realised!
    I’m like you with regard to bookmarks – where do they disappear to when you need one? Mine’s usually a shopping list or receipt! But I would never turn over the corner of the page. Kindles do have their place but you are right, there is nothing quite like the feel or look of a ‘proper’ book.

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  2. A chap I worked with told me he thought it was called The Mono-cled Mutineer! I love that. I don’t highlight passages or quotes either but I have a notebook in which I write out favourite quotes or passages. Love re-reading them. I confess to turning down page corners in the past ( shocking!) but now use a bookmark, till receipt, any scrap of paper.

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  3. Reading is the best skill I have ever developed! Recently read the quote; inhale books, exhale knowledge … I do have bookmarks at the ready & use. I once bought a used book because the previous owner had gone through & highlighted & underlined many many passages. I was most curious to see if I agreed and/or what was so important. It was one of those self exploring books – it was very enlightening!

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  4. Mine: 1) I love the library. so many books, so little time. I could spend so much more time there. I start at the new books and work my way around.
    2) I used to be a book hog. I would take out 4-5 books at a time which was ridiculous because I could never finish them and had to keep renewing them. I now behave and just do one at a time…
    3)Because I only read one book at a time. That doesn’t include work stuff, of course. But I read one, finish, and get a new one.
    4)I used to have a John Wayne bookmark, now I have one from Rogue One.

    5)I try to alternate fiction and non-fiction. But my last few have been fiction.
    6)I am in the process of my alternating of reading a biography of all of the US Presidents. I started this maybe 8-9 years ago. I am up to William McKinley. I read maybe 3-4/year.
    7)I used to have a crush on Stephanie Plum, now I just want to be Ranger.


  5. I have many of the same confessions, although I use the library fairly regularly & have become freer about highlighting and making notes in my books over the years. I always use a nice bookmark, but Robbie is more the post it note/receipt type reader. Until I saw the first movie, I’m sure I wasn’t pronouncing Hermione correctly either. LOL


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