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In late October, The Brainy One was working in Holland and we agreed that The Boy Child and I would fly out to meet him in Amsterdam the weekend half-term began.  I prebooked tickets for two of the most popular museums – the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum.IMG_4458.JPGBoth museums are worth a few hours of your time and are child-friendly.  Photography is not allowed in the Van Gogh Museum, except in certain ‘selfie’ areas, which allows for a more immersive experience.  The Van Goghs are displayed in chronological order and there’s a lot of information (taken from family letters) relating to the artist’s erratic mental health.IMG_4434.JPG I wasn’t surprised to learn that Van Gogh had only sold one painting during his lifetime, as his style is not really to my taste; his posthumous fame was down to the efforts of his sister-in-law.DSC_0055My advice for visiting the Rijksmuseum is to cherry pick the things you want to see.  We chose to check out Rembrandt’s most famous painting, The Night Watch (which is due to undergo restoration beginning in July 2019. Visitors will be able to view the entire restoration process in the museum and online), the Vermeer gallery and the Arms gallery (The Boy Child’s choice).IMG_4497.JPGThe Rijksmuseum covers around 1.5 kilometres of floor space, so it easy to discover that four hours have whizzed by and that your daily step count is respectably high.  UK visitors should remember that the museums are not free to enter, so it’s worth deciding in advance which museums make the top of your ‘must see’ list.


3 thoughts on “Amsterdam | Museums

  1. Such rewards for a well planned trip – you got to see lots in just three days. I think the most Rembradts I have seen in person was when in England a few years back. WOW what talent for both Rembradt & Van Gogh, but not ones I’d want to hang in my house. Museums in Canada also have a cost to enter. Lucky you getting to see The Night Watch before the work begins on it.


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