In late October, The Brainy One was working in Holland and we agreed that The Boy Child and I would fly out to meet him in Amsterdam the weekend half-term began.IMG_4410.JPGWe were fortunate with the weather; it was mostly clear and bright, apart from our last morning, although there was a noticeable drop in temperature as the sun went down.IMG_4479Central Amsterdam is compact enough to cover a lot of ground on foot, as long as you pay close attention to the thousands of Amsterdamers whizzing from A to B on two wheels.  We had a few near misses, probably because we looked the wrong way when crossing a road …IMG_4433.JPG Amsterdam is perfect for a few days away, as it’s a little over one hour’s flying time from London’s Heathrow airport.  The Dutch are wonderful people, welcoming and friendly and the city’s attractions are mostly world class.  I say mostly because I am not a fan of their liberal attitude to the use of cannabis in public places.  I don’t want to be queuing for a museum or standing on a picturesque bridge over a canal only to be surrounded by clouds of potentially toxic smoke.

Any thoughts on my last remark?  I have no problem if you think I’m something of a dinosaur when it comes to drug use …


5 thoughts on “Amsterdam

  1. I saw your second photo on Instagram and absolutely loved it – honestly Ruth you are such a good photographer! It makes me want to go to Amsterdam. I’m not a fan of anyone smoking anything in public spaces so I think I may share your concerns about the air quality in a confined space over there!


  2. I love Amsterdam too. I agree with you re anyone smoking, anything in my case. Back in the day I felt very differently but I have concerns about the psychological damage dope smoking can cause. I also felt very out of place in a “brown” cafe in A’dam. We left very quickly!!


  3. I’ll say it again, I really like that middle photo …

    I don’t think you are a dinosaur at all. With the recent changes to our Canadian laws regarding cannabis, we are going to deal with this issue through out Canada. Many universities & colleges are making their campuses totally, 100% smoke & vape free – there are even some towns making tighter laws regarding public smoking & vaping. Not all Canadians are on board with this change … but for now I’ll say no more.


  4. I don’t like anyone smoking anything in public either. I really enjoyed Amsterdam, and would like to go back one day We were very impressed with the efficiency of the airports and the ability to get around everyone easily.


  5. That sunset photo is amazing!

    I agree, the liberal use of cannabis is one of the things we did not like about the city. It was just too much smoke (cannabis & tobacco) while we were walking around in the city.


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