Letting Him Shine

When I said last month that The Boy Child had joined a school where I hoped he could shine, I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.DSC_0038.JPGThe week before half-term, I arrived at school for a ‘parents welcome’ assembly to discover that yes, The Boy Child was indeed singing.

But what he forgot to mention was that he would be singing a solo.

And singing a solo brilliantly.

I had the good sense to record the proceedings, with permission, and now laugh when watch the playback and see the camera shake towards the end.  That would be when I was doing my upmost not to cry.

When I saw The Boy Child later, I asked him why he hadn’t told us about the solo, and he replied, “I wanted it to be a surprise”.

And it was.  Of the very best kind!




6 thoughts on “Letting Him Shine

  1. How fantastic. I am so pleased that he is enjoying his new school. A solo is impressive. Well done young man! I can only imagine how much this means for you and his father. A wonderful experience.


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