Greys Court in Autumn

We returned recently to Greys Court in Oxfordshire to spend the day with our oldest friends.  It seems that it’s a perfect location, whatever the time of year.  DSC_0001.JPGWe all enjoyed touring the house, especially as there was an exhibition about Lady Brunner’s childhood.  I’d have liked to have met her, as it sounds as though she was quite a character. DSC_0006.JPG

IMG_E4209.JPGThe children enjoyed running free in the grounds, building a den in the woodland playground and posing as though they were in a band with an album about to drop.CFKC8502.JPGThe Autumn colours were stunning and after an extremely wet start to the day, the sun came out.DSC_0034.JPG

DSC_0015.JPGIf you’re ever in the vicinity of Henley-on-Thames, then I suggest you do a detour to Greys Courts for a few hours – you won’t be disappointed.


4 thoughts on “Greys Court in Autumn

  1. I agree with Deb, your beautiful photos & words could be in a magazine promoting England. I think the knitted/crocheted door mouse tea party is quite cute, the chocolate rolls looked edible. An album cover – ha ha ha!


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