Learn Something New Every Day | Days 21-25

September meant that the Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness was approaching. It also meant that Shimelle was running her annual class, Learn Something New Every Day.
Like last year, I’m recording what I’ve learned throughout September here.

thumbnail[2] (8)

Day 21: Vacuum cleaners always break down at the most inopportune moment.  T’was ever thus.

Day 22: An air show in the rain is still worth it if there is a Spitfire in the air.

Day 23: Sunday lunch is all the tastier when cooked by someone else.

Day 24: An over grown garden produces hidden loveliness once the weeds are out of the way.

Day 25: Speaking to insurance companies is never straight forward.

2 thoughts on “Learn Something New Every Day | Days 21-25

  1. I like your holly bush photo – is that the hidden treasure? Insurance companies are some of the most difficult conversations I have at work at the clinic, so I’m feeling that pain with you. Happy weekend.


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