1940s Weekend at Hughenden Manor

In mid-September, we made a return visit to Hughenden Manor for their 1940s Weekend.  We’d gone there for two reasons: 1) we like it there and 2) dogs are welcome.  But as luck would have it, Hughenden was hosting a 1940s Weekend.

There were loads of people in vintage clothing – a lady who looked To the Manor Born, Women’s Land Army girls, Corporal Jones from Dad’s Army and soldiers from the Parachute Regiment giving talks on the Battle of Arnhem.





I swallowed my social awkwardness and asked anyone who caught my eye if I could take their photo.  Every one I asked said yes, which was a relief.  In return, I offered to send them a copy of the image and again, all said yes to that offer.

Our day at the 1940s Weekend was such fun and I’m now tempted to acquire a vintage costume of my own.

6 thoughts on “1940s Weekend at Hughenden Manor

  1. Looks like a fun day out – brave you for asking to take photos. The Land Girls Army ladies – the one on the right, I like her snood, it’s one reason I’d like to learn to crochet. I like most of the fashions from the 40’s, especially the hair (although it does look like a lot of work). Oh yes do get a vintage outfit!!


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