Scrapping in 2018 #11

Scrapbooking time was virtually non-existent during the Summer holidays, and what little time available was allocated to our holiday Traveller’s Notebook.

I’ve added a page to The Boy Child’s album – one about being runner-up for a prize initiated by the family of his teacher who died.  The Cup (it’s actually a rose bowl) is awarded to a Year 6 pupil who “has enriched the lives of others”.  But this year, it was apparently a close run thing between three children.  So close that the decision was made to honour the runners-up by presenting them with a cup that they could keep.  It was an extremely emotional moment for all concerned.    thumbnail[1] (10)In other schooling news, Cachirulo has started at kindergarten.  Since photographing the spread, I’ve added a few lines of washi tape, top and bottom.  And in hindsight, it may been more pleasing on the eye if I’d used a dark cardstock.thumbnail[2] (2)Waiting patiently on my desk for pretty paper and embellishments is a pile of photos from the summer, so I have plenty to keep going until December Daily.

3 thoughts on “Scrapping in 2018 #11

  1. Congrats to TBC on winning such a prestigious award – it encourages the students all the more to be kind & helpful to one another. Kindergarten already for Cachirulo! I think both are nice layouts. You could maybe try adding a darker border to go around the last layout …

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