Learn Something New Every Day | Days 6-10

September means that the Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness is approaching. It also means that Shimelle is running her annual class, Learn Something New Every Day.
Like last year, I’m recording what I’ve learned throughout September here.

Day 6: The Swim Ladies are a readymade support group, even if they don’t know it.  I see the same group of ladies in the pool during the week and all of them are friendly, welcoming and ready to offer a few pearls of wisdom.

Day 7:  The Boy Child thinks, after just 4 days, his new school is the best he’s ever been to.thumbnail[1] (5)

Day 8:  The on-site catering at Highclere Castle wasn’t up to scratch.  (See tomorrow’s post to see what I’m referring to.)

Day 9: Three back-to-back episodes of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on a Sunday evening is probably not the best idea we’ve ever had.

Day 10:  I’m frightened of really huge spiders.  Honestly, it was enormous, easily half the size of my hand.  I had to call The Brainy One to dispose of it.

2 thoughts on “Learn Something New Every Day | Days 6-10

  1. How nice that you feel supported by your swim mates. Oh dear no good at Downton Abbey!! I cannot wait for this post. It’s a busy time for all the spiders this side of the pond – I do try to relocate outside but if they are unwilling to be caught & relocated … I’ll say no more for now.


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