Hampstead Heath

Right across the road from Number 2, Willow Road is the glorious Hampstead Heath.  One of the highest points in London, it covers 790 acres.  Within its boundary there are woodlands, ponds, a lido and playgrounds.  DSC_0023.JPG DSC_0024.JPGThe South East part of the Heath is home to Parliament Hill, a 322ft high hill with a view across the capital’s skyline. DSC_0025.JPGA view that is protected by an act of parliament, on a clear day, visitors can see St. Paul’s, the City of London, Canary Wharf, the Shard and even the Houses of Parliament.  It has to be said that the newer glass and steel arrivals do rather spoil the skyline and that the trees below the hill could do with cutting back.

One thought on “Hampstead Heath

  1. Beautiful spot & it makes my heart glad to know that a city such as London, keeps so much wonderful open green space about & an act of parliament to keep the view! I agree all that steel, chrome & glass does nothing to improve the views, I could barely find St Paul’s. I read an article written by Prince Charles about the changing skylines of old cities & he was not for the steel glass cages. It is what is happening to my beloved university, the old gorgeous historical (old for us) buildings are being overcased with glass, steel, some wood but mostly the character of the old buildings are being lost … it makes me very sad. I doubt our parliament would do anything to protect views … I’ll say no more.


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